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Fathallah Arms Co. for Arms & Ammunitions was founded by Mr. Mohamed Fathallah by the year 1952.
By that time the major activity of the company was Repairing & maintenance for different types of arms.
Then the activities were extended to include trading of arms & ammunitions.

Fathallah Arms is managed by its general managerMr. Mohamed Zakaria Fathallah.
Mr. Mohamed Zakaria Fathallah has extended the company's activities to include importing different kinds and types of arms and their accessories that cover most known brands.

Fathallah Arms Co. HAVE participated in the most known and famous international events covering the fields of activities all over the world,
like (IWA Nuremberg, Germany Fair) (EXA Italian trade fair).

The Company has established a stable Cooperation with many of the famous manufacturers and traders of arms &ammunition of different brands all over the world. We have countable stores of valuable, old and antique weapons,The Company also has extended its work to manufacturing airgun pellets.

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